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Why Black Brick Capital?

Every day, you are inundated with calls from organizations promising significant savings on your employee benefits and savings plan investments. So, why consider Black Brick Capital?

The answer lies in our approach. We believe that meaningful value can only be achieved through a carefully designed program that meets your needs now and for the future. Our success with our clients can be traced to a unique combination of three elements:

  • Experience, reputation and qualifications

  • Breadth and strength of our underlying solutions

  • Commitment to a long-term partnership

We enjoy working with Mike and find he is a great resource and support for our business. He is always very organized and presents our plan very clearly and thoroughly.  

Shannon Nafziger

R&M Construction


Solutions Crafted to Meet Your Specific Needs


The Build solution series delivers the Employee Benefit and Savings plans that are foundational elements for supporting and retaining employees and attracting new team members. We work with you to design and implement a specialized and tailored program for your business delivering immediate value and long-term flexibility.


Our Protect solution series is focused on ensuring that you get the maximum value and impact from your plan by regularly reviewing and adapting the plan to meet your companies evolving needs. The series includes a value-added element where we provide regular access to a certified HR professional to discuss strategic and practical HR topics.


With the foundational elements secure, our third set of solutions is focused on financial planning for both company owners and employees. We call this the Thrive series. We work with you to define a clear wealth blueprint for the future, ensuring financial security for owners, employees and their families.

How Does it Work?

A. We assess

We review your plan in the context of your company values, goals and objectives and the needs of your employees.


B. We design

We design the optimum plan for your company,  supporting your strategy and needs and delivering a strong return on your investment.


C. We implement

We work with you to communicate and implement the new plan and initiate the ongoing support program to ensure continued alignment, value and impact.

How Do We Get Started?

1. Book an intro call

Email or call to book an introductory 30-minute online meeting.

2. We meet online

Via ZOOM or Teams, we start to learn about your business and specific needs.

3. We validate your goals

We listen to your goals and do a preliminary analysis. We won’t engage if we can’t deliver value.

Mailing Address

12 Westchester Blvd. Bolton, ON L7E 5Y1


Mike Stapleton

(416) 428-7728