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We know that you care about your employees and you want to grow your business. So why look at your Employee Benefit and Savings plan now?

Here are just some of the situations our clients face every day

  • We don’t have a program now and don’t know where to start.
  • Given all the priorities, we haven’t reviewed our plan recently. We’re not sure our plan still meets our needs.
  • How do we know if we’re getting good value?
  • It’s time to renew, but I don’t have enough time available to review this properly.
  • Our employee requirements are changing every day.
  • I think we’re locked into our current plan.

At Black Brick, we have a quick and simple approach that addresses these challenges and more.


1. We start by assessing your current plan

…to determine what is working and where there is room for improvement. As a critical element of this assessment, we explore the overall company strategy, goals and objectives as well as the specific requirements around the needs of your team, both now and for the future. Our assessment also includes an analysis of what your competitors are offering.


2. We then design an enhanced plan

…to meet the evolving employee engagement and organizational needs that will support your overall goals and objectives. As an integral part of this process, we’ll explore the available solutions from all of our providers to ensure that both your benefit and savings plans are optimized for your specific needs.


3. Finally, we work with you to implement the plan

…starting with an initial communication and education program for your employees. We’ll also initiate the ongoing support program, providing your HR team and your employees with access to a wide range of services to ensure the long-term success and value of the program.

How Do We Get Started?

1. Book an intro call

Email or call to book an introductory 30-minute online meeting.

2. We meet online

Via ZOOM or Teams, we start to learn about your business and specific needs.

3. We listen to your goals

We listen to your goals and help you make a decision that’s best for your company.

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