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Serving small-medium sized businesses across the GTA for over 20 years.

Who We Are

Black Brick Capital is a family owned and operated company providing complete financial solutions for small to medium businesses in Ontario. The company was formed in 2014 by Mike Stapleton, building on Mike’s 20 years of experience in designing and delivering solutions for Employee Benefits and Savings, wealth management strategies for business owners and wealth management plans for individuals.

Black Brick Capital solutions are designed to provide strong value over the long term and are backed by the best insurance, benefits, savings and investment firms in the industry.

People are the foundation of any business. Black Brick is committed to strengthening and building on that foundation to enable sustained, profitable growth and strong employee engagement.

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Our Brand Promise

The Black Brick name and logo reflect the foundational nature of strong Employee Benefits and Savings programs as the building blocks for a successful, growing and sustainable business.

This extends to creating and maintaining a blueprint for Wealth Management for owners and employees to ensure that they can enjoy the results of their success.

At Black Brick, we are committed to delivering:

“The Right Solution for the Right People at the Right Price, For the Long Term”

Why Black Brick Capital?

Experience and Reputation

Black Brick has developed a reputation for delivering outstanding value to our customers. Our 20 years of experience, coupled with our Certified Financial Planner and Certified Employee Benefit Specialist designations, allow us to design and deliver the optimum solution for our clients.

True Partner

At Black Brick, we are committed to the long term success and value of the program. To accomplish this, our Client Service model is built around regular, active engagement.

  • Quarterly updates, including industry news, ideas, books and other value-added tools and information
  • Plan related problem solving for you and your employees
  • Ongoing plan performance updates, including suggestions to address changing or emerging needs

As a unique investment in the partnership, we provide access to an HR professional to assist with any aspect of Human Resources that is front-of-mind for your company.


Our programs are designed using a wide range of leading providers, including many of the most recognized companies in the industry. This independence allows us to tailor the plan to your specific needs, while providing choice and flexibility both initially and as your needs change.

Working with Black Brick Capital goes well beyond designing and implementing the right plan. Mike and his team work with us on an ongoing basis, delivering a wide range of valuable resources and support to help us deliver value to our employees.

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A Message From the Owner

Mike Stapleton, B.A., CFP | CEBS

Certified Financial Planner
Certified Employee Benefits Specialist
Investment Representative – Quadrus Investment Services Ltd.


I’m Mike Stapleton, owner of Black Brick Capital. We understand the unique challenges companies face in balancing the cost of benefit and savings programs with the incredible value they provide in caring for and rewarding their employees.

For over 20 years, we have helped companies in a wide range of industries find the right solution to protect and grow their business.

  • Financial industry advisor since 1991
  • Certified Financial Planner
  • Certified Employees Benefit Specialist

You have my personal commitment that we will not engage or ask for your business unless we can deliver a solution that provides meaningful value.


Insurance products, including segregated fund policies, and employee benefits are offered through Black Brick Capital Inc., and Mike Stapleton offers mutual funds and referral arrangements through Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. The Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. name and design are trademarks of Quadrus Investment Services Ltd.

Mailing Address

12 Westchester Blvd. Bolton, ON L7E 5Y1


Mike Stapleton

(416) 428-7728